32 looks from this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, (airing Nov 28th), took us to Shanghai, China and if you weren’t able to tune in have no fear because here are 10 favorite looks from the show.

Six themes were featured this year. The show opened with the “Punk Angels“, featuring designs from Balmain, followed by the “Goddesses“, an aptly titled theme showcasing fantastical Roman goddesses. VS Pink followed with their “Millennial Nation” theme, followed by the “Winter’s Tale“, “Porcelain” and finally the “Nomadic Angels” borrowing from traditions and cultures around the world.

Check out my favorite looks from the show:

Fantasy Bra

Who could forget the 600 carats of gold, sapphire and topaz garnished fantasy bra which was adorned by Angel Lais Rebeiro in the “Goddesses” section of the show.


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