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My Reality TV Guilty Pleasures

Reality TV is entertaining, passes the time and is often times juicy and funny as hell. Now the kind that I like are laced with drama, bursting with life-ruining mayhem and lots and lots of betrayals (yes I know I’m sick but [Tyra voice] you don’t know me!) Anyways, these 3 shows are essential to my late night wind-down and each episode cannot be missed. Don’t judge me.


Source: BRAVO TV

This is a spinoff following Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, focusing on the survers at her restaurant, SUR. This show I must say does a good job of putting together both likeable and infuriating personalities to create a dysfunctional family-like scenario. If you like fun-filled adventures, many many many betrayals and the much needed Regina George bitch of a character (that’s all you Stassi), this show is for you. Currently on the 6th season of the show, you can watch it on BRAVO TV, mondays at 9pm est.


Source: E!

WAGS aka wives and girlfriends of sports stars follows just that, the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. Although the season finale has already aired, it’s never too late to catch up. Honestly at the center of it, the show isn’t really about anything, but then again what reality show is? (I mean they’re all fake anyways right?) I would say Natalie Halcro and cousin Olivia Pierson act as the focal point connecting the intertwining stories between the wags (funny enough neither are gfs or wives of any sport stars following Natalie’s split from Shaun Phillips). They travel, attend events and deal with the absence of their significant others during sports season. (I’m not a sports person, I just watch for the glam, travel destinations as well as the relationship drama). Hey I didn’t call them guilty pleasures because I was proud of it.



Last but not least is what I can only describe as the British combination of THE HILLS and RICH KIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS. The show follows rich kids (adults) as they navigate relationships, friendships and mates stealing birds. The cast is fluid and changes each season as the cast is allowed to come and go as they see fit. Get ready for more than your fair share of betrayals, cheating and scandals. The guiltiest of guilty pleasures for sure! So far the series has traveled to LA, South of France, Ibiza  and NYC. The main story however is located in posh Chelsea (and surrounding areas).

Now, everyone knows reality tv isn’t real and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Watch and enjoy or don’t, it’s not a big deal.

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