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My Goals for my Blog

Its been less than a month since I started my blog The Millennial ExclusiveGoing forward, my hope for this blog is for it to not only continue to be the a source of peace for me and  create purpose in my life, but to document my life as a millennial girl.  Dealing with some (undiagnosed) mental health issues such as anxiety and possibly depression, blogging has given me an outlet outside my bubble.

Being a millennial in today’s economy is rife with jeers and resentment. Somehow we are a demographic that is responsible for all the social ills plaguing the nation. We’re lazy, entitled, whiners who live in our parent’s basements until we’re 30 years old. We went to school for basket-weaving and eat $8 avocado toast every weekend. Everyone has heard it all by now.

Well I for one disagree. Millennials have so much more offer than what we’re given credit for. We’re a creative, hardworking bunch who just got the short end of the stick in life. However, we persevere, we mobilize, and importantly, we create change.

For my blog, I aim to write about the many different facets of the millennial experience– from my perspective. Ranging from pop culture to politics and news, I aim to compile content that millennials would like for the purpose of entertainment and education, posting twice a week. I would ideally like to turn this passion into a profitable career and gain a platform that encourages engagement and a positive change for the millennial generation.


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