Bruno Mars and Cardi B Finesse
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Bruno Mars’ Finesse ft Cardi B Gives Us 90’s Nostalgic Vibes

Diving right in, this fun upbeat single and music video sends me right back to my childhood in the 90s. It brings me back to singing along to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a kid feeling so proud that I knew all the words as Will Smith rapped the story of his life.

The video now has over 77 million views and 2 million likes on YouTube meaning people were vibing with this track. Comments from YouTube included these user reactions:

Dedun0 and Tavin Anand agreed on the 90s vibes

Read the Full Lyrics for Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’ Remix Ft Cardi B

While  Nohamme Kellz  thought this is what constitutes real music, Hello Kelly and IcyFyah thought it was a great track to party to.

This user Loom Geek felt like he had entered a whole new time line

Reactions on Twitter were just positive with many users posting dance videos and gifs of how the song makes them feel here.

All I can say is if this is what 2018 is bringing in the way of music, I’m here for it.

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