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Cute Valentines Day Date Ideas

Tis the season of love and if you’re lucky enough to be sharing it with someone special, treat them like the special guy/girl they are with these cute romantic date ideas.

Yummy in my Tummy

Try cooking or baking together. Hey, they say the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the stomach so why not? Making something together forms a bond and increases intimacy. Enjoying the meal afterwards is only a bonus. Try out this cute but easy recipe from allrecipes to set the mood.


Strawberries stuffed with cream cheese

Recipe by: IMVINTAGE

Alternatively roaming around the city looking for new spots to eat can be aĀ  fun time.

Adventure Time

Courtesy of

Places like Groupon has a ton of great activities to do for affordable prices. If you or your partner is into being active and outdoors there are lots of great finds on the site. Try some fun activities like this Winter Waterfall Ice Hike. A Full day goes for $85 while a half day will cost $70. Feel free to take in a concert or go horse back riding. There are tons of adventures in your area waiting to be explored. Take advantage of all the deals for your Valentine’s Day getaway.

Netflix and Chill

I think most of us know where this leads to…. however having a nice night in can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I personally love to laugh so settle in with a comedy (romantic comedy if you like) or even an old black and white “scary movie” with some wine and snacks, heck order some Chinese food and pizza. The works!! Then settle in for some good old fashion cuddling. Throwing in a good couples massage also wouldn’t hurt šŸ˜‰

Traditional Dates

It’s a classic because it’s timeless. Getting glammed up, a sexy little black dress and a spritz of his favorite intoxicating scent on you. Likewise, a well fitted suit, clean-shaven and groomed to perfection and a smile that melts her heart. Going out to eat at a fancy restaurant and seeing a show afterwards. It’s a scene played hundreds of times in movies that just makes you want to sigh. If this is also your perfect idea of a Valentine’s Day date go for it.

The day of love is to share with your lover, not please everyone else. Do what makes you happiest and remember to be kind and put love first.

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