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Paint Night: A Groupon Favorite

Groupon is a great place to get deals deals deals and also to find things to do near you at a reasonable price. As we leave the dreariness of winter behind like an expired ex and look forward to everything spring and summer has to offer, I’ve found that the deals on Groupon are very appealing to me and my wallet. One such deal is the ever popular Paint Nite.

Created by Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail, paint nite‘s mission is to “encourage creativity, empower communities, and inspire connections (away from the screen), all while offering a new way to go out and have fun”.

Paint at your own pace with others on paint nite

Recently my unicorn (boyfriend) and I decided to give one of these paint nights a try. I’ve tried one of these before with my bestie but why not? Even if you’ve done one of these before, with the variety in pictures you  can choose from, you can learn how to paint different landscapes/pictures every time. So go as often and as much as you want.

Did I mention these events are usually for those 21+ because of the BYOB factor. Getting drunk with friends or a partner/ significant other while painting seems like the perfect adult getaway. Events usually take place at local pubs and bars where drinks can be purchased throughout the night.

The image we chose is titled “Indigo Beach” by local artist Lisa Berger.

It is worth mentioning that a similar event called “Plant Night” is available with the same premise however it caters more to those who don’t feel they’re artistically gifted (you don’t need to be to enjoy yourself). Instead of painting, guests can create a mini terrarium or table top garden while learning about succulents, flower arranging easy gardening with a drink! All of this at your favorite local bar.

Paint Nite is certainly invading local bars and restaurants across the US and Canada with a new way to go out, have fun, and feel good. It’s everything a great nite should be—friends, drinks, and laughter. Plus, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind painting along with the memory of a unique nite out.

The popular event also offers Private Parties, Corporate Events, and Fundraisers helping to raise over $4,000,000! So no matter how you want to get creative, they’ve got just the thing.

As an added bonus to communities, this event helps local artists and Creative Entrepreneurs in over 1700 cities, who own and run the business in their area. This helps them to be able to make a living doing what they love.

So if you’re looking for a fun date idea for Friday night or the weekend, book one of these fun events in your area at Groupon or paint nite’s website.

Follow their instagram page here.

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