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This “Zero” App Is Helping Me Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before starting an intermittent fasting regimen.


New year, new me. That tired notion is what we all subscribe to every time the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. I’m no different, I do the same. In fact, I made it a point to binge as much food as I could before the turn of the clock into the new year. As we’re now in February and I’m about five weeks into the new me, I’ve discovered a real way to get in shape and lose the extra pounds.

What I’m talking about is intermittent fasting. Despite what those Instagram fitness “gurus” say, you’re not going to lose those pounds no matter how much “skinny tummy beverages” you drink. That’s to say, eating unhealthy foods and then lazily exercising every so often isn’t going to get you the results you want. It takes dedication and consistency. Fitness starts in the kitchen not only with the types of foods we eat but the PORTIONS and FREQUENCY of eating.

In my quest to lose about 20 lbs (yikes!) in combination to eating healthy and regular excercise, I’ll be using the Zero app (on iOS devices). This fasting app is used for intermittent, circadian rhythm and custom fasting according to the app description.

zero app

It gives the ability to try the 16-hour intermittent fast that both Hugh Jackman and “The Rock” use to shed extra pounds. I mean if it works for wolverine and the rock….why can’t work for you too. Other fasting times includes an 18-hour, 20-hour and 36-hour fast (better known as a monk fast)

Zero includes the circadian rhythm fasting which based on research from the Salk institute is fasting at or before sunset. Using the location from your phone, the app tracks the time of sunset in your region and that’s simply when you would start fasting. Or customize your own fasting schedule using the custom setting.

Zero App in App Store on IOS Devices
Zero App in App Store on iOS Devices

A newly released update of the app now allows users to read about the fasting protocols they choose and how to prepare for them. Go ahead and log your activity and add post-fast notes and keep tabs on your goals and progress.

Zero App in App Store on IOS Devices
Zero App in App Store on iOS Devices

Intermittent fasting has a lot of wonderful benefits for your body besides promoting weight and body fat loss by 3-8% over 3-24 weeks. Some amazing intermittent fasting benefits to look forward to include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Decreasing blood levels of insulin and reducing insulin resistance, lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Removal of waste from cells and inducing cellular repair
  • Reducing inflammation and stress in the body
  • Reduce risk of some types of cancers
  • Improved mental clarity

Learn More: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting 

The Zero app also includes a learn tab to help you learn more about the intermittent fasting process as well as learn more about the benefits for your health. It’s so simple and easy and it’s helping me stick to my weight loss goals. So what are you waiting for? Start living your best life right now!

zero fast
App Store: Zero App

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