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Struggles with Anger and Negativity

How many times have you found yourself ready to blow your gasket? More often than not–especially in today’s polarized climate, it is probably common to find yourself seething with rage, fist tightened and eyes springing out of your head. Now stop and ask yourself, “Why am I so angry?” Half the time, the things that might be sending you flying are hardly anything you can control or change and yet allow to have so much power over you.

Studies have shown that uncontrolled anger can cause increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headache. When it’s misdirected, it can lead to poor choices, damaged relationships and even violence — Better Health

Do you often feel like this on the inside or outside?

Anger and negativity in general has the potential to consume a rather large part of life and the worst part is allowing it to. It’s now a cliche, but most people will tell you the only thing we can control is our reactions, not necessarily those things happening to us. The Health U.S. News cites that,

Chronic anger also leads to increased anxiety, insomnia, mental or brain fog and fatigue. It can reduce the immune system’s ability to fend off threats, leading to an increased risk of infection, and even possibly cancer.

Effects on Mental Health and Personal Life

Seeking help is important for not only you and your loved ones but also your professional career and overall sanity. There’s a lot to be pissed off about but being pissed off everyday will drive you insane — take it from me. Through the headaches, anxiety and rage, it is important to see a psychologist for help in identifying, managing and finding coping skills to deal with anger. It will not be an easy feet. Learning to rewire your brain to think positively will be hard; especially when some experts think that anger may be part of some people’s personality trait.

You do not want to lose your friends, alienate yourself from your family or get fired from your job.

Coping Mechanisms for Anger

The best ways to cope with anger and negativity is to:

Find an Outlet and Relax

If you’re reading this you probably know that you can lose it easily. However difficult it might seem in the moment, it is important to take deep breathes and relax. Before getting angry, spend time doing things you like doing that functions as an outlet for anger. Go to the gym, go for a run, go bike riding with friends or cozy up with a movie or book. Spending time doing things you enjoy will help to naturally alleviate stress.

Seek Professional Help

Taking care of your mental health is no longer a stigma. It’s never been easier to seek help and talk with a professional of you are struggling to cope with your thoughts.

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