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Struggles with Anger and Negativity

How many times have you found yourself ready to blow your gasket? More often than not--especially in today's polarized climate, it is probably common to find yourself seething with rage, fist tightened and eyes springing out of your head. Now stop and ask yourself, "Why am I so angry?" Half the time, the things that… Continue reading Struggles with Anger and Negativity

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Learn Different Languages with the Duolingo App

Learning a new language is easy, fun and fast with the Duolingo app on the App Store. It combines speech, writing and vocabulary for a seamless learning experience for all your favorite languages including High Valyrian for Game of Throne fans and Klingon.

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July Favorites: Beauty Fashion Food

Some of the things I'm loving this summer from beauty to fashion and yummy summer cocktails. It's the height of summer and dehydration can get the best of us. Don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid the heat during the hottest time of day (11am to 2pm). With dry, hot… Continue reading July Favorites: Beauty Fashion Food

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5 Resolutions I Hope to Accomplish in 2018

As the year is coming to an end, I've been thinking about the future and what I want for myself going forward. I'm fortunate enough to have  a full time job but there's always room for improvement. I've been thinking lately that I would love to accomplish more in the new year. Here are 5… Continue reading 5 Resolutions I Hope to Accomplish in 2018

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My Goals for my Blog

Its been less than a month since I started my blog The Millennial Exclusive. Going forward, my hope for this blog is for it to not only continue to be the a source of peace for me and  create purpose in my life, but to document my life as a millennial girl.  Dealing with some (undiagnosed) mental… Continue reading My Goals for my Blog

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How To: Stay Fit during the Holiday Season

The end of the year doesn't only bring changing leaves and the first snow fall. First comes October and the Halloween parties, then November and the Thanksgiving induced comas. Next is December's Christmas parties and festivities, concluding with New Year's in the biggest blow out yet. What do all these seasonal events have in common?… Continue reading How To: Stay Fit during the Holiday Season



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