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What to Watch: The End of the F**king World ( A Netflix Original)

Cue one thrill seeking teenager, a self-confessed wannabe psychopathic murderer and a series of absurd experiences building up to an existential crisis and you have Netflix’s original series THE END OF THE F**KING WORLD. Weird right? Well not really, at the core of it, this dark comedy series is a bildungsroman in all its carpe-diem glory or in other words, YOLO! Continue reading What to Watch: The End of the F**king World ( A Netflix Original)


What to Watch: Dark: Season One (A Netflix Original)

Arguably, Netflix originals are some of the best content to watch. For me, not having the same stories retold over and over with different actors like the Hollywood reboot machine likes to churn out is a refreshing breeze.DARK Netflix original - The Millennial Exclusive


Unashamedly, over the last week one series that gripped me was, DARK. This time traveling existential series had me glued to my bed (I watch in bed) reaching for the endless array of snacks set out before me. The series can only be described as a mindf**k  as story lines from the present, past and future seamlessly intertwine leaving you guessing about the true origins of the characters and what the number 33 means in your own personal life. Continue reading What to Watch: Dark: Season One (A Netflix Original)

What I’ve Learned: 1 month after starting my blog (Advice Welcome)

It’s been about a month since starting my blog. It’s been a bit of a learning curve since the whole process seemed intimidating. So far, I’ve learned that blogging can become a passion when you focus on topics and content you care about and your initial reasons for starting. In a previous post I talked about  some goals for my blog and my aspirations for it going forward. You can read more about it  by clicking the link/ image below.


The Millennial Exclusive: Why I blog and what I want for my blog in the future

On the technical side, I’ve learned quite a few things about optimization (SEO) and marketing, trackbacks/pingbacks, increasing traffic to my site, creating engaging content that will resonate with an audience and viewing blogging as more than just a hobby. I’ll most likely do a blog post in the future on these individual elements when I feel more well versed in them.

However, key takeaways are that in blogging, consistency and time management is key. It’s important to have quality and a genuine voice.  I try to be unique on my site and in my blog posts by mixing educational content with entertainment. It’s also important to take the time to learn the technical aspects of blogging; to give yourself an edge in the void that is the internet. Also engage in others, read their blogs, comment on topics that resonate and interest you and get yourself and your blog out there in front of others.

If anyone has anymore advice on improving my site, please feel free to let me know in the comments. You can also provide feedback from the poll below:

My Reality TV Guilty Pleasures

Reality TV is entertaining, passes the time and is often times juicy and funny as hell. Now the kind that I like are laced with drama, bursting with life-ruining mayhem and lots and lots of betrayals (yes I know I’m sick but [Tyra voice] you don’t know me!) Anyways, these 3 shows are essential to my late night wind-down and each episode cannot be missed. Don’t judge me. Continue reading My Reality TV Guilty Pleasures