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My Goals for my Blog

Its been less than a month since I started my blog The Millennial Exclusive. Going forward, my hope for this blog is for it to not only continue to be the a source of peace for me and  create purpose in my life, but to document my life as a millennial girl.  Dealing with some (undiagnosed) mental… Continue reading My Goals for my Blog

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My Reality TV Guilty Pleasures

Reality TV is entertaining, passes the time and is often times juicy and funny as hell. Now the kind that I like are laced with drama, bursting with life-ruining mayhem and lots and lots of betrayals (yes I know I'm sick but [Tyra voice] you don't know me!) Anyways, these 3 shows are essential to… Continue reading My Reality TV Guilty Pleasures

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How To: Stay Fit during the Holiday Season

The end of the year doesn't only bring changing leaves and the first snow fall. First comes October and the Halloween parties, then November and the Thanksgiving induced comas. Next is December's Christmas parties and festivities, concluding with New Year's in the biggest blow out yet. What do all these seasonal events have in common?… Continue reading How To: Stay Fit during the Holiday Season

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Here’s How I Knew I Wanted Out Of My Relationship

We met online on a popular dating app, the same way many millennials now date. It was in February when we had our first date. I remember the snow fall had created the perfect winter wonderland. We had sushi at a nearby Hibachi restaurant with endless conversation and shared interests. There weren't any awkward pauses… Continue reading Here’s How I Knew I Wanted Out Of My Relationship


The Cardi B Phenomenon

Gon do what to who? Let's find out and see, Cardi B. You know where I'm from, you know where I be... If you don't know these words, you're effectively missing the phenomenon that is Cardi B. Catapulted to fame with her song "Bodak Yellow" Cardi B is the newest female rapper to descend on… Continue reading The Cardi B Phenomenon


All I want for Christmas…is…

The holidays are here. Christmas is fast approaching and although it is better to give than receive, who doesn't like Christmas goodies on Christmas morning? I for one, drop hints like a bull in a china shop, so this year, I've opted to skip the hints and be blunt about the what I'm craving this… Continue reading All I want for Christmas…is…


32 looks from this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion show, (airing Nov 28th), took us to Shanghai, China and if you weren't able to tune in have no fear because here are 10 favorite looks from the show. Six themes were featured this year. The show opened with the "Punk Angels", featuring designs from Balmain, followed by the "Goddesses",… Continue reading 32 looks from this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show



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