Got the travel bug and decided to ditch my day job (and the abysmal winter weather) and  head to CANCUN for a week. A decision that I’m glad I made because it made for a memorable trip with my  sister aka my partner in crime. Now we didn’t spring for the the best all-inclusive resorts in Cancun because let’s be realistic…everyone has to live on … Continue reading TRAVELING TO MEXICO: CANCUN, TULUM, PLAYA DEL CARMEN

Veganism For Beginners: A Healthy Balance

Most people care a great deal about the environment and our impact on it and how our actions will affect not only future generations of humans but animals and the ecosystem.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my contribution (or lack thereof) to this cause and have been deciding (for awhile) to immerse myself in veganism not only as a fad but as a lifestyle. Continue reading “Veganism For Beginners: A Healthy Balance”

Cute Valentines Day Date Ideas

Tis the season of love and if you’re lucky enough to be sharing it with someone special, treat them like the special guy/girl they are with these cute romantic date ideas. Continue reading “Cute Valentines Day Date Ideas”