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Travel Checklist: Packing your airline Carryon


Summer is here and for those who vacation or travel year round, you know there’s nothing more annoying than boarding that domestic or international flight, only to notice that you forgot to pack travel essentials that would’ve made your trip so much easier. Then there’s the thought that you already have the item at home so purchasing a new one is a waste.

Well have no fear because creating a travel packing checklist of essential travel items doesn’t have to be a headache.

checklist maker

Create your List

To have your packing checklist…you must first create your packing list. I like to use the free checklist maker on Checkli. The site is simple and incredibly easy to use. Using the provided link, simply add a title and description to your travel checklist. I suggest using the location you are traveling to in the description to help visualize the items you might need while there. You can sign up for the check list maker to personalize and publicize your own templates.Once your check list is done, you can save it as a pdf to print and take with you or share the link with others.

Maximum airline carry on size

carry on travel size

As for what to actually include in your airplane carry on, lets start with the maximum carry on size allowed by airlines. Airline carry on rules state that the carry on dimensions for luggage is 22 inches high x 9 inches deep x 14 inches wide—these are external dimensions, including wheels and the handle. Some airlines might also impose weight restrictions or fees so it’s important to check in with your airline before your flight.

Now that we know where and how to make a check list and what to put our items in, lets get to the fun part about what to actually pack inside your carryon to avoid post-flight regrets.


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Remember the liquid rule during flights: all liquids must be in containers of no more than 3.4 ounces or 100ml, and all containers must fit in  a clear, one quart sized zip top plastic bag.

Essential Items to Include in your Carry On


Traveling obviously involves having important documentation to travel to different countries as well as a means to support yourself while in the country. This involves having items such as:

passports, ID, Visas and important documents

cash, credit cards, travel insurance and other valuables

Keeping these items close to you on your carry on can avoid mishaps if your luggage is ever lost and you’re stuck without a means to identify and support yourself.

comfort bunnies


Traveling can sometimes be long especially if you have flights from one part of the world to another. In order to maximize comfort pack some of these items to include with you in your carry on.

A change of clothes and undies

  • Luggage can always get lost and to avoid being without a change of clothes pack an extra emergency pair of clothes and underwear. Luckily you’ve already packed cash/ credit cards in your carry on so buying a new pair would also be an option.


  • A comfy sweater will help with the cold air on flights. High above the clouds, the temperature inside the airplane can sometimes be cold and uncomfortable.

Shoes and compression socks

  • If you’re like me, your ankles can tend to swell during long flights. In order to avoid this symptom, pack some compression socks to aid in circulation for your legs along with your most comfortable pair of shoes.

Travel pillow/ eye mask/ ear plugs

  • Sleeping on a plane can be hard if you’re in economy so pack a travel pillow to give your neck some much needed support. Throw on an eye mask to keep light out and ear plugs to reduce cabin noise.


◊ Travel size toiletries in a clear travel pouch

  • In a clear travel pouch pack toothpaste/brush, mints, facial wipes and deodorant to freshen up after a long flight.

Shop TSA approved clear travel pouch for travel sized items:

◊ Sanitizers

  • Bring along items such as hand sanitizers and travel size disinfecting wipes. Avoid getting sick on vacation by disinfecting. Items such as shampoo and conditioner are usually provided by hotels so there’s no need to pack those items in your carry on unless you have favorites.
Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash


 Movies/ videos

  • Load some videos or movies pre-flight on sites such as Netflix to watch during your flight if you usually find the airline selections not to your liking.

◊ Phone chargers and electronics

  •  Include items like cameras, headphones, ipads in your carry on to keep you entertained during the flight and because they are popular items that might get stolen if checked onto the plane.

◊ Carry on book, ebooks, kindle, podcasts

  • If you would rather unwind, bring along a copy of your favorite book. Ebooks and kindles make it easy to load and read your book and listening to podcasts are always a great way to pass the time.


 Medications and first aid kit (if you require any)

  • Pack any important medications and first aid you need on a regular basis.

◊ Snacks and reusable filtration bottle

  • Airlines sometimes gives small snacks and beverages during flights but for those who need more noms than a pack of peanuts and apple juice, pack your own snacks in a carry on that you can have on flight.
  • Bring along a collapsable water bottle or filtration bottle. (don’t forget the liquid rule stated above — 3.4 ounces or 100ml) A filtration water bottle will allow you to drink water from local sources without having to always shop for bottled water.


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Positive Attitude

Last but not least bring a positive attitude. Traveling is good for the soul and chances are wherever you’re going is somewhere you’ve wanted to be. So be mindful and excited and go with an explorer’s heart.



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